Cappuccino Cowboy Tales

The ride into Dodge

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Jasper Sparks looked at the tattered blade in his hands and felt afraid.

He walked over to the window and reflected on his windy surroundings. He had always hated dusty Dodge with its tattered, silent shacks. It was a place that encouraged his tendency to feel afraid.

Then he saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the figure of Slippery Luke. Slippery was a mean coward with gnarled fingers and solid eyes.

Jasper gulped. He glanced at his reflection. He was a spiteful, cold-blooded, cappuccino drinker with broad shoulders and tall eyes. His friends saw him as a ratty, rare rover. …

Tao of Meditation

Wakening of the mind

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Deep colors ignite the twilight dawn,
like a fire in the sky my soul glows.

As I wander on the rigid path,
my thoughts sink in deep contemplation.

With each step I clarify,
my thoughts are on this moment in time.

The warmth of compassion overtakes,
a calm breath melts away strife.

A mourning dove starts their song,
singing praise for the morning light.

My mind is on one thing,
the beauty of this morning.

Along the path of being in the present,
my breathing soul is soaring.

Thanks for reading Desert Dawn. If you enjoy the spiritual genre of poetry, have a look of my other spiritual/inspirational writings below in Spiritual Secrets.

Experience this spiritual root of connection.

Enlighten Yourself With The Strength Of Kindness
Enlighten Yourself With The Strength Of Kindness

A reality sometimes in this world that some see the act of kindness as a weakness. Some people see it as some kind of vulnerability. In the business world, it can be seen as a shortcoming. The truth is that practicing kindness is a strength. A virtue that can be so rewarding when shared.

Why is kindness important.

A person that shows kindness generally will be more in-tuned with others, understanding the other’s feelings. They will also be more insightful about emotions.

It will also put your spiritual heart in a happy place. True peace of mind wins you over. …

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Peaceful thoughts on a wintry twilight morning.

Abstraction in art.

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Abstract art shouldn’t represent realism or clear images of reality. Observing abstract art is interpreted differently to each viewer. And with freedom from rigid meaning

Abstract art vs. realism.

The role of abstract art is to journey outside the world of reality. And venture into creative shapes, colors, and forms. This viewing is a new appreciation of visual art. The role of realism art is to depict actual events. And situations with factual authenticity. That representation can be brutal, cold, or warm, and wonderful.

Next, we will go into a description of abstract and realism art. Please remember these are very general.

Abstract art has an absence of detail and subject material. It could be simple shapes or no shapes this depending on the art piece. …

Newsletter from Dobe Art.

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Below are the latest from Dobe Art.

Ever so witty Jasper with “Spiteful Jasper Sparks”. And the mysterious Quentin McCade in “The Traveler Into The Night” (fictional writings). Also the last blog post about walking in nature and trash removal.

Have a blessed day!

Spiteful Jasper Sparks

Traveler Into The Night

Cleaning Out The Trash Finds What Inspires Again.

Quote from Jasper;

“Tomorrow is a brand new day. The skies will be tranquil blue. And a bright yellow sunrise shining like a kaleidoscope in the canyon. And the Cimarron flowing crystal clear and cold,

happy trails my amigo.”


Kevin Doberstein

Artist and writer. Writing of dreams and visions. Lover of the outdoors, yoga and meditation. Owner of publication Dobe Art

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