Cappuccino Cowboy Tales

The ride into Dodge

Photo by Daniel Horvath on Unsplash

Jasper Sparks looked at the tattered blade in his hands and felt afraid.

He walked over to the window and reflected on his windy surroundings. He had always hated dusty Dodge with its tattered, silent shacks. It was a place that encouraged his tendency to feel afraid.

Then he saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the figure of Slippery Luke. Slippery was a mean coward with gnarled fingers and solid eyes.

Jasper gulped. He glanced at his reflection. He was a spiteful, cold-blooded, cappuccino drinker with broad shoulders and tall eyes. His friends saw him as…

Tao of Meditation

Wakening of the mind

Image by Joshua Woroniecki from Pixabay

Deep colors ignite the twilight dawn,
like a fire in the sky my soul glows.

As I wander on the rigid path,
my thoughts sink in deep contemplation.

With each step I clarify,
my thoughts are on this moment in time.

The warmth of compassion overtakes,
a calm breath melts away strife.

A mourning dove starts their song,
singing praise for the morning light.

My mind is on one thing,
the beauty of this morning.

Along the path of being in the present,
my breathing soul is soaring.

Thanks for reading Desert Dawn. If you enjoy the spiritual genre of…

Experience this spiritual root of connection.

Enlighten Yourself With The Strength Of Kindness
Photo by DSD from Pexels

A reality sometimes in this world that some see the act of kindness as a weakness. Some people see it as some kind of vulnerability. In the business world, it can be seen as a shortcoming. The truth is that practicing kindness is a strength. A virtue that can be so rewarding when shared.

Why is kindness important.

A person that shows kindness generally will be more in-tuned with others, understanding the other’s feelings. They will also be more insightful about emotions.

It will also put your spiritual heart in a happy place. True peace of mind wins you over…

Photo by Writer

We have been working on this commission. It is a large wall sculpture with 3-inch cubes. There is a lot of interaction with the client with topics of size and design.

And that is a good thing to have open communication between the artist and the art collector. At least, that is what I learned over the years. With a communicative line, you can make adjustments during the process that the collector wants to see. And we want a contented collector when the project is done and shipped.

“A happy collector makes a happy artist!”

And also, we want the…

Photo by Belle Co from Pexels

I was always intrigued by the relationship between nature and art. And sometimes, I do wonder, “what is the role of nature in art?” Or maybe a better thought would be, “is nature an art itself?”.

A painted picture of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in Northern New Mexico can epitomize the awe-inspiring. But also, it could mean searching for the unknown. In other words, what is on the other side?

Some would say why it is Taos silly. Or some other town located in a valley. …

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

How art marketing changed in the past years can be considered somewhat crazy. Especially true when the global pandemic kicked in. A secure and inspiring online presence as an artist is vital. In this post, the artist’s website will be the topic.

For me, it was developing an online presence plan or outlay. I did A lot of brainstorming to create a workable plan.

Key points;

  • An online plan that fits within the budget parameters we set.
  • Achieves all goals for collectors to discover us.

If the online plan works accordingly, the collectors will find us. And we will not…

On the road memoirs, with high desert hopes.

Photo by Flo Maderebner from Pexels

The sun has crept the eastern horizon. A new day has dawned. The warmth of the sun enriches the soul. The high desert is quiet with the calm, soothing light wind. We had a travel day planned. And with it, the usual things like fueling up, checking over the car, cleaning the windshield, etc.

Soon we will be in the land of white, shiny toys and powder kegs. With a tense grip, but we will endure. And follow them like a train, into the Valley of the Sun.

But none of that matters now. I just wanted to embrace this…

What makes an artist authentic?

Photo by Chela B. on Unsplash

This past week I started to read the book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. This writing is about creative inspiration and creative living. I like the format of the book with its shorter chapters.

This book has a more memoir-style format. You can read a chapter or two and stop for the day. Each section seems to focus on a creative topic for you to work on your artistic adventure. This style of writing works for me because of limited reading time.

In one of the chapters, Originality vs. Authenticity, she discussed the difference between the two topics. After reading…

Kevin Doberstein

Artist and writer. Writing of dreams and visions. Lover of the outdoors, yoga and meditation. Owner of publication Dobe Art

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